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Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Meet the Trainer

The Trainer

Kristen Askey, the Trainer and Owner of Sunny Dogs Training Company, is a resident of Myrtle Beach, SC and has been training dogs formally since 2006.  Kristen received her training certification from Animal Behavior College (ABC) of Northridge, CA, which provided her with the background to what what she already knew -- how to work with dogs and enjoy a wonderful relationship with a dog in the family setting.  Additionally, Kristen is a certified evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen(R) (CGC) program, and a Mentor Trainer for ABC.   With her training expertise, personal experiences, and instincts as a dog owner, Kristen brings a compassionate and knowledgeable approach to dog training.


Please visit Kristen's Sunny Dogs blog to learn more about her approach and experiences.


Her Passion

Kristen's passion has always been with "saving the dogs".  The number one cause of canine death in the United States is euthanization.  Since she can't save them all - and none of us can - she does her part as a forever mom of two rescued dogs, and trains dogs so that folks who love their dogs will not need to surrender them due to behavioral problems. In the coming year, Kristen will be working towards becoming an ASPCA SAFER evaluator, so she can assist area humane societies and breed rescues in determining the best re-homing option for shelter/rescue dogs.  

Kristen enjoys working with the families she meets and has built a wonderful family of successful Sunny Dogs trainees over the past few years.


The Beginning

A native of Massachusetts and graduate of Boston University, Kristen began her quest to work with dogs when she adopted nine-month old “Hilde” from the North Star German Shepherd Dog Rescue in Massachusetts. Hilde was (and still is) intelligent, excitable, vocal, protective, and just a bit haughty. Hilde’s life pre-adoption was one that allowed her to do whatever she wanted — anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Obedience classes became a must so that Hilde’s strong and stubborn persona wouldn’t dominate her new human household and parents. Those classes were what helped Kristen build a stronger bond with Hilde based on better communication and obedience, while teaching and providing Hilde some structure in which she could live loyally and happily in their home. Kristen wholeheartedly believes in the importance for dog owners to find this balance with their dogs so they too can reap the valuable benefits and joy of their dog’s unconditional love.


Sunny Dogs Today

Today, Kristen and her husband Jon live with their two dogs, Hilde and Khori (another rescued soul). (Update: Our beloved Khori passed away at age 12 on May 30, 2013. We miss him greatly.)  With lots of effort and patience by Kristen and Jon, their canines have “shined” in their eyes, and “Sunny Dogs Training Company” and its slogan were founded.


Since 2006, Kristen has met and worked with hundreds of people in the Myrtle Beach/Horry County area and surrounding locales, including clients, humane society volunteers, fellow pet professionals, Kennel Clubs, and anyone who has questions. If there is something that she can assist with to make a person's life better with his/her dog, she is happy to help.


If you have any questions for Kristen, please click here to send an email.  Thank you for visiting the Sunny Dogs Training Company website!



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